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Wildlife News

Elephants need help.

The ivory trade is increasing and with that the poaching is decimating the elephants in Africa.  Since demand in Asia specifically in China, is getting ever more prominent, and with that organized crime is supporting the poaching using helicopters from air.


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2nd Annual Spring Wildlife PHoto Workshop

2nd Annual Spring Wildlife PHoto Workshop

Travel TidBits: Glaciers in Patagonia

Walking on a glacier is fun and hard work.  

Clouds over FitzRoy Mountains

Clouds over FitzRoy Mountains

While in South America I had the opportunity to visit many glaciers and to walk on the ice of the Viedma Glacier.  Climbing up the stone face and then donning crampons to help prevent slip and sliding, I had am amazing time looking into crevices, hiking over ice walls and marveling at the enormity of the ice world that I entered.   dkfjls;adlkfjdalk’;dlkfjdkla;dlkfjdkal;dkflj


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