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Quit trying to find beautiful objects to photograph. Find the ordinary objects so you can transform it by photographing it.” Morley Baer

After a successful career in the scientific field, Meggi is following her passion of wildlife, nature and travel 721_2_2493_1-5x1-5_Meggi-Yosemite copyphotography.  She studied digital photography at Foothill College, and now spends considerable time abroad.  Her interests in nature conservation has lead her to Thailand where she volunteered for a month as an elephant keeper at an elephant and primate sanctuary (Wildlife Friends Foundation, Pechaburi –  taking care of 7 Asian elephants who found sanctuary and a retirement home in a beautiful rural setting.  Last year, her travels lead her to Africa where she spent 1 month teaching computer skills at a Women’s Empowerment School (Give a Heart to Africa, Moshi, Tanzania –  She then traveled for a month in Kenya and Tanzania on safari observing the abundant wildlife in the Masa Mara and Amboseli, Serengeti, Ndutu, Ngorongoro Crater and other national parks.  Her interests then lead her to Rwanda to hike to the last existing mountain gorillas in the Virundi  National Park.  These are the gorillas so extensively studied and protected by Dian Fossey whose conservation efforts to safe these magnificent creatures unfortunately cost her her life.  In 2011, Meggi also spent time traveling in India, and lead a photo-tour to Bhutan, the magical Kingdom high in the Himalayas.
When at home in California, Meggi shares her passion for photography in teaching a variety of photo workshops, specifically fast action photography in her hummingbird workshops.
Meggi Raeder

She support nature conservation causes by helping in fundraising for PAWS (, an elephant sanctuary in San Andreas, CA, and Return to Freedom (, a wild mustang sanctuary in Solvang, CA, by organizing photo-opportunities during weekend trips.
Meggi’s shares her stories on her Travel TidBits blog, and you can see her images at her web gallery.
Meggi’s shares her stories on her Travel TidBits blog, and you can see her images at her web gallery.
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